“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

Melinda Gates


Whoopee: Final feedback on Lady Prelox LIBIDO pills

So, final feedback on the Lady Prelox LIBIDO pills! Firstly, I need to say that I didn’t think I really had a problem with libido…but when I started taking the pills 3 months ago we were in the middle of lock down. And as Esther Perel taught me - mating doesn’t happen in captivity! Did the pills work? Short answer. No. So you can stop reading now. However, they certainly would do no harm and contain mainly [...]

Whoopee: Update on Lady Prelox Pills

Like Jodi Schiff, I also think the pills are very pretty! Pretty matters, so good for them! We went away for a few days and when we were packing, I asked my husband to remember to pack my pills. “What’s the point, I don’t notice any difference,” was his reply. So now he’s in the dog box and is certainly not going to get any whooppee attenti on from me! We’ve been doing quite a [...]

The motion of the body through space

I recently read this new book by Lionel Shriver who you might remember for “We need to talk about, Kevin”, one of my best reads in a long time.  And it set me thinking about the “why?” of exercise. In the book the wife character is now 60 and has exercised her whole life, it’s been her thing!  Solo, long before it became fashionable, she did it all and strong.  Now her knees are troubling her, and she [...]

Fast until Sunset

My husband and I had a simple supper of lentil soup and sourdough bread before sunset last night, because today we will #fast until after sunset. I’ve been reflecting on the consistency across religious traditions of the relationship between spirituality and fasting (or a withholding or restriction for a period.)  And I’ve been wondering if the gods/spirits/ancients weren’t onto something in building these periods of abstinence into our religious laws and traditions… There is more and more [...]

What would Shirley do?

This is my favourite picture of my mother-in-law, Shirley!  She came teetering out of her bedroom and headed for the pool.  We all jumped up to help because, just shy of 90, she was prone to falling. “Wait Ma! We’ll help you down the steps into the pool, YOU’RE GOING TO FALL!” “Leave me”, she said.  “I’m going to dive in the deep end!” And she did.  No problem.  If you can’t use the steps anymore, [...]

The Pause Introduction

Hello Pause People! I’m a person who likes to state to obvious sometimes…sooooo… Menopause. What is it? You are considered to be in menopause when you have not had a period for 12 months. This can happen in your 40s or 50s. The average age is 51. However, it is often preceded by a period of up to 10 years where your periods become irregular and you experience other symptoms too. This is called perimenopause. [...]

Launching… The Octo-Pauses

LAUNCHING….the OCTO-PAUSES! I’m so excited about this! I’ve decided to start a weekly tidal pool swimming group, the Octo-pauses! And YOU are invited! Huh? What? Where? How? Crazy, right?! Or more importantly, WHY? Enjoyment of our beautiful natural surroundings. Improves immunity. Improves energy. Improves brain function (after the brain freeze has gone). Friendship. Fun. The plan is to try out all the tidal pools around the Cape Peninsula, and settle after a while on our favourite one [...]

Message in a Bottle – Guest Contributor: Jodi Schiff

I didn’t choose the wine life, as much as it chose me. Being an ex-smoker, I had to find a new vice. And wine was it. It also didn’t hurt that I’ve worked in the industry for over 25 years. And what have I learnt? Nothing. Well – not literally. But about wine ITSELF? Nothing. About the mystique and fascination around it? So so much. Hard not to… um, soak it in. Wine is what YOU make it. It’s [...]

Comfort Eating – Guest Contributor: Cornelle Ellis

A Pauser asked me this question about COMFORT EATING: “I call it stress eating trying to comfort my stressed body. I learnt to do it as a child/ teen. Is comfort eating normal and stress eating the bad version? First time I have ever seen comfort eating described as normal.. feels like a breath of fresh air.” So here are some of my thoughts on comfort eating: When stressed or emotional (or sad or angry [...]

Leeuveltiertert – Enter the Goddess

This one’s for my sister who detests leopard print because, you know, there is a certain type…nasal Joburg kugel, Blue Bulls supporter’s poppie, Sea Point nail technician… You can picture her: she’s a certain age, trying for a younger age, hair tied back but with a bubble at the front, lipliner a few shades darker than her lipstick, leathery cleavage on display… AND ME! Guilty as charged. The leopard could be my cami, or my [...]

Leeuveltiertert – That will not be necessary

12 Oct:  THAT WILL NOT BE NECCESARY   David Attenborough’s voice: every word so perfectly spaced and placed and so necessary.  His voice is the only thing that still anchors me here.  When the credits roll, I call Johanna, and she starts it for me again.  “I’m Mar-ga-ret, not Johanna. Take your pills now, Mies Sophie,” she says reprovingly. “I did!” But then I see them and the glass of water, still on the tray beside [...]

Getting my GLOWJO back!

I know I said that SPRING is all about RENEWAL, but I’ve been pondering about LOSS lately and that renewal has to be preceded by a dying off of sorts for Spring to arrive.  It made me revisit Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s 5 Stages of Grief, and the parallels to what one goes through during menopause really struck me: DENIAL:  Do you remember when you were first told, or it was implied, or you realised, that you [...]

Whoopee: Lady Prelox Pills

28 July:  I received La Melle’s LADY PRELOX pills today!  It made me reflect a bit about what has been going on (or not going on) in the bedroom lately. I can summarise it nicely, by telling you that my husband and I gave each other slippers for our recent wedding anniversary. So warm, so comfy, but not very sexy!   We’ve been together 24/7 since lockdown.  Most of the time only a few metres apart. [...]

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