From 1 July 2021 all companies, individuals and/or office bearers who store and/or manage personal data needed to comply with the PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT (POPIA) under South African law.

The purpose of this act is to protect individuals from having their personal information (data) used in any way which they have not agreed to.


Since starting The Pause in June 2020, I have collected data on some of the members of The Pause Chat Room, some persons who have interacted with The Pause, and some persons who have interacted with me in my personal capacity and my capacity as Admin of The Pause on social media and owner of The Pause as a business.

The data I have collected on some members of The Pause Chat Room is their names and/or email addresses, and/or ages and/or place of residence, and/or place of work, and/or phone numbers.  Some of this information was provided by members, and some was in the public domain.  In some cases, I have a record of the source of the data, e.g. the online form when requesting to join The Pause Chat Room, or by buying tickets to The Pause events.  In some cases, I don’t have a record of where I collected the data from.


Anita Shapiro on behalf of The Pause, undertakes to securely record and store the personal data of any persons who provide their data to her or The Pause.  She is the only person who will have access to such personal data.

The data will only be shared with third parties if they are subcontracted to The Pause for a particular purpose or duration and if they also comply to the conditions of the POPI Act.

Anita Shapiro on behalf of The Pause, undertakes to transparency, and to let individuals know if and when their data is being collected, e.g. by entering competitions.

The purpose of collecting data of persons who interact with The Pause is to be able to contact them for the purposes of marketing products or events as part of the Pause’s business offering and community service.

Anita Shapiro on behalf of The Pause undertakes to, within reason, draw individual’s attention to the Privacy Statement and any amendments to it if and when these occur.

Any person on The Pause’s database will have the right to request that all or some of their data is deleted from the database.  They can do this by emailing