Like Jodi Schiff, I also think the pills are very pretty! Pretty matters, so good for them!

We went away for a few days and when we were packing, I asked my husband to remember to pack

my pills. “What’s the point, I don’t notice any difference,” was his reply. So now he’s in the dog box and is certainly not going to get any whooppee attenti

on from me!

We’ve been doing quite a bit of lockdown DIY, so I showed him this cartoon the other day. His face lit up, “So, we’re going to have sex?” Sometimes, men really have it coming!

I don’t like the name “Lady Prelox”… The “lady” makes me winch a bit. And what’s the “lox”? Makes me think of salmon. What do you think would be a good name for a libido boosting pill for women?!?!

Juicy Lucy?  Sweaty Betty? Bonnet Booster? Cum laude?