“Women grow radical with age. One day an army of grey-haired women may quietly take over the earth.”

Gloria Steinem


The idea of THE PAUSE started when Anita turned 50, looked ahead and couldn’t see anything to look forward to.  So, she decided to change that. And when she met Bev and Kim through volunteering she found the kindred spirits to do it with. 

Our vision for The Pause is to encourage and equip older & bolder women to take over the world and to change it for the better for all humanity!  Little goals and victories don’t interest us, we’re coming for it ALL!

We are gathering our hot, grey haired vixens wherever we can and will continue to provide coaching, information, fun and events until we have achieved world domination!


If variety is the spice of life, mine has been a fragrant curry! I studied Architecture which has given me a good eye, expensive taste, and an enjoyment of sukkah building. I worked in the film industry and mastered budgeting, scheduling and standing on my feet for hours and hours. I studied Film with a special interest in Scriptwriting, so I love popcorn, binge-watching and occasionally writing stories. I managed a creative educational institution, so I am good at herding cats…a bit like keeping an eye on The Pause Chat Room! In my spare time I hang upside down from the tree in my garden as it is good to see things from a different perspective. I love spending time on the mountain, immersing in our icy oceans with our Octopauses and cooking for my family, which is blended, like the best garam masala! 


After my BA I was completely unemployable, so I decided to try my luck at travel as an airhostess, but I wasn’t selected because they said I wasn’t servile enough! I became a punk rocker with flowers in my hair instead! And then joined the corporate world working in an IT department, picking up Business Analysis and Project Management experience on the way. But I have most enjoyed being an entrepreneur as this feeds my need for being challenged and mastering new things. I have an eye for detail, but I also see the big picture. I travel as much as I can, sometimes with a backpack and sometimes from the sofa, so our Pause Retreats are really going to be my thing. I’m thinking Argentina should be our first retreat, what’s not to love – tango, delicious pastries, coffee on a side-walk, watching dark and handsome Argentinian men showing off their horsemanship, best beef in the world. Ole!  


I grew up on a small holding in rural Zimbabwe riding horses and bicycles on dirt roads, never dreaming I would be lucky enough to be part of a bold new vision for menopausal women! My involvement in The Pause is at the confluence of my business career and life experience: I spent sixteen years in a medical laboratory and the next twenty-one years running a property and financial services business. I picked up an MBA along the way. In between I have been raising two beautiful children, playing guitar for my temple band, testing my piano teacher’s patience and dipping in and out of French classes at home and in Paris. It is now my time to be inspired by women who embrace life and love. La vie en rose!