Comfort Eating – Guest Contributor: Cornelle Ellis

A Pauser asked me this question about COMFORT EATING: “I call it stress eating trying to comfort my stressed body. I learnt to do it as a child/ teen. Is comfort eating normal and stress eating the bad version? First time I have ever seen comfort eating described as normal.. feels like a breath of fresh air.” So here are some of my thoughts on comfort eating: When stressed or emotional (or sad or angry or bored...), many people eat to comfort themselves, i.e. relieve the discomfort they find themselves in. This is an interesting strategy because it usually works - we might choose to eat something soft and sweet (I know I do!), and then we feel better! That is, for some of us, until we feel guilty or bad that we did that… So when I say that comfort eating (or emotional eating, or stress eating as the Pauser calls it) is normal, what I mean is that [...]

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Getting my GLOWJO back!

I know I said that SPRING is all about RENEWAL, but I’ve been pondering about LOSS lately and that renewal has to be preceded by a dying off of sorts for Spring to arrive.  It made me revisit Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s 5 Stages of Grief, and the parallels to what one goes through during menopause really struck me: DENIAL:  Do you remember when you were first told, or it was implied, or you realised, that you are too old for something?  For me it was Krav Maga!  I signed up with bravado, was the oldest in the class, came home and had to ice my hand, shoulder etc after every class and eventually ended up with a rotator cuff injury that is still bugging me!  What was your denial moment? ANGER:  Yes!  The MENOPAUSAL RAGE, we have spoken about in this group.  Mine coincided in a big way with the #metoo movement and I had so much anger about everything I [...]

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