Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle – Guest Contributor: Jodi Schiff

I didn’t choose the wine life, as much as it chose me. Being an ex-smoker, I had to find a new vice. And wine was it. It also didn’t hurt that I’ve worked in the industry for over 25 years. And what have I learnt? Nothing. Well – not literally. But about wine ITSELF? Nothing. About the mystique and fascination around it? So so much. Hard not to… um, soak it in. Wine is what YOU make it. It’s so personal. It’s so yummy. The smelly sock/cassis (what the hell is cassis anyway*) and cigar box “nose” (cos we smell those every day) is unique unto our own personal selves. Wine is evocative. To our senses that is. It brings back memories of growing up – if you were surrounded with it like I was, Chateau Libertas 1984 is NOW a very good vintage thank you very much. But smelling a red like that, brings back those gooey warm feelings of my mother laughing loudly, head [...]

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