My husband and I had a simple supper of lentil soup and sourdough bread before sunset last night, because today we will #fast until after sunset.

I’ve been reflecting on the consistency across religious traditions of the relationship between spirituality and fasting (or a withholding or restriction for a period.)  And I’ve been wondering if the gods/spirits/ancients weren’t onto something in building these periods of abstinence into our religious laws and traditions…

There is more and more evidence showing that regular periods of fasting have many health benefits.  If broadly speaking religious fasting is about repenting, renewing and recommitting yourself to your spiritual path, it seems that the body and mind mimics this too.

I have never fasted before for religious reasons. I thought it was completely daft as there would be nothing like depriving me of food all day to make me obsess about food all day instead of thinking about whatever I should be thinking about!

But as I become #olderandbolder I see the wisdom in softening into things and appreciate the quietening that a day without food can bring.  There is also something about gifting myself and my body (specifically my digestive system) a rest.  My needs, be they of the body or of the spirit, are not trivial.  Not to my maker, not to me.

In my journey towards getting my #glowjo back I have uncovered that I am not mindful, I don’t take the time to honour my body, my food and therefore myself.  And this is quite typical of us women… So, let us all take cognisance of this and take the time, be it tomorrow or another day, to get off our hamster wheels and SIMPLY BE.

FUN FACT:  When we visited Ethiopia a few years ago we saw that restaurants had two menus – a normal men and a fasting menu!  There are many religious fasts in Ethiopia, and also periods when they eat “fasting style” which is basically what we would call vegan.