This is my favourite picture of my mother-in-law, Shirley!  She came teetering out of her bedroom and headed for the pool.  We all jumped up to help because, just shy of 90, she was prone to falling.

“Wait Ma! We’ll help you down the steps into the pool, YOU’RE GOING TO FALL!”

“Leave me”, she said.  “I’m going to dive in the deep end!”

And she did.  No problem.  If you can’t use the steps anymore, dive in the deep end.  There is always a way…and I often ask myself, “What would Shirley do?”

She died, aged 95, Monday a week ago, a role model of what being older & bolder is all about!

In the Jewish tradition one has to be buried as soon as possible, but we had to wait for her to be returned from Israel to South Africa. So, her funeral is today, followed by a week of mourning.