Whoopee: Final feedback on Lady Prelox LIBIDO pills

So, final feedback on the Lady Prelox LIBIDO pills! Firstly, I need to say that I didn’t think I really had a problem with libido…but when I started taking the pills 3 months ago we were in the middle of lock down. And as Esther Perel taught me - mating doesn’t happen in captivity! Did the pills work? Short answer. No. So you can stop reading now. However, they certainly would do no harm and contain mainly pycnogenol and rosehip. I remember giving my daughter pycnogenol to aid concentration when she was at school, so if it helps you concentrate on your partner it might work! As things slowly go back to normal outside the home, they are going back to normal inside the bedroom too. But what is “normal”? It is sometimes difficult to judge and know this in the sex obsessed world out there. I don’t care anymore what others would consider normal. Am I having as much sex as I did [...]

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Whoopee: Update on Lady Prelox Pills

Like Jodi Schiff, I also think the pills are very pretty! Pretty matters, so good for them! We went away for a few days and when we were packing, I asked my husband to remember to pack my pills. “What’s the point, I don’t notice any difference,” was his reply. So now he’s in the dog box and is certainly not going to get any whooppee attenti on from me! We’ve been doing quite a bit of lockdown DIY, so I showed him this cartoon the other day. His face lit up, “So, we’re going to have sex?” Sometimes, men really have it coming! I don’t like the name “Lady Prelox”… The “lady” makes me winch a bit. And what’s the “lox”? Makes me think of salmon. What do you think would be a good name for a libido boosting pill for women?!?! Juicy Lucy?  Sweaty Betty? Bonnet Booster? Cum laude?

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Whoopee: Lady Prelox Pills

28 July:  I received La Melle’s LADY PRELOX pills today!  It made me reflect a bit about what has been going on (or not going on) in the bedroom lately. I can summarise it nicely, by telling you that my husband and I gave each other slippers for our recent wedding anniversary. So warm, so comfy, but not very sexy!   We’ve been together 24/7 since lockdown.  Most of the time only a few metres apart. And happily so.  But I’ve missed going off and doing my thing while he does his thing and then returning at the end of the day bringing goods and news into the home from out there in the wild world.  We are in domestic captivity.  Where not much mating happens.   Read this excellent piece drawing on the work of the phenomenal Esther Perel about reconciling the closeness needed for intimacy with the psychological distance that fuels desire.    So, I’ll start my LADY PRELOX pills today, [...]

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